In general fishing is the activity of haunting fish but fishing as a sport refers not only for catching fish but also other aquatic species like octopus, shellfish, turtles, frogs and some other varieties of marine invertebrate species. Fishing come into existent from the very ancient period, especially during the Mesolithic age when human being started haunting fish for food. However, it has been developed with technological development and now it is one of the favorites past time for people all over world.

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Fishing is one of the ancient occupations that early human being adopted in order to meet their food requirements. Now it is used both for personal and commercial needs. It is also a recreational and an adventure sport activity. There are different kinds of fishing depending on its techniques such as hand fishing, spear or bow fishing, fishing by nets, kite fishing, ice fishing and several others. Fishing in river, pond or streams known as freshwater fishing and can be done on boat. Here in the articles directory section on fishing contains a number of articles on different types of fishing and also provide tips and techniques on all aspects of fishing or angling including fishing equipments and safety measures.

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