?Dance? can be defined as a series of motion and steps or human body movement with certain types of expression and gesture, as per social and cultural aspects. It can also be described, as a nonverbal communication method between human and it?s really difficult to point out the origin or history of dance. But there are historical evidence of prehistoric age that human adopted dance or certain body postures for any kind of celebration in ceremony or rituals. In modern age dance transferred into various phases and is one of the major aspects of fun, entertainment and exercise.

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Dance and music are two but inseparable part of social and cultural development of any civilization. From the very ancient time, before the introduction of written language dancing was the only method to pass stories generation to generation. Even in modern times we can see that there are some traditional and folk dances reflecting several cultural aspects. Dance and music are created and performed together and later came with various forms. Some of the most common dance forms are traditional, classical, folk or ethnic, Jazz, Salsa, Hip-Hip, Street, Ballroom, Ballet etc. These kinds of dances are performed with musical or rhythmical piece. However, any kind of dancing helps in keeping your body healthy and fit. Here in the articles directory you can see number of articles on dance.

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