Finance is the science of managing money and other assets in terms of banking, investments, credits and any other related to any business associated with individual or personal level. So it?s a certain set of techniques used to raise, allocate, invest and making profit by undertaking certain amount of risk entailed in the project.

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It?s the development and application of a set of methods used by individuals or organization to manage their monetary affairs. This particularly deals with income, expenditure and investment that further generate money in terms of profit. This is of different kinds according to its use as per individual its personal finance, by government means public finance and in business it is corporate finance. The whole concept of finance deals with various associated functions and services like accounting, investing, fund raising, currency exchanging, loans, mortgages and services like banking, insurance etc. The article directory on finance consists of all kinds of information on all financial related issues whether personal or corporate and also about real estate, stock market that will help you in understanding all financial ends.

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