Family is the principal social unity that consists of two or more people sharing certain goals and are in relation with blood or mirage. Generally, it consists of parents and children or other adopted members having long-term commitments with one another. It is an institution provides training for rearing and socialization of children, care for old, sick and disabled, and sexual and moral conduct. Family is also the symbol of a physical, economic and emotional security attachment that binds its member together.

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Family is a household group of people related either by birth, mirage or any legal relationship like adoption. It is a natural and fundamental unit of society secured by society and state. Here in the articles directory of family you will find different issues related to family and these are like home security, home improvement, babies, kids, parenting, elderly care and home-related jobs like interior designing, gardening, landscaping, holiday planning etc. Really these informative articles, reports and events dealing with on a wide range of topics like parenting, family life, child development, family education, family relationship and articles on family laws, social issues will help you in understanding all moral, social, legal and human values associated with family.

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