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Only a better website design cannot help in e-business. It is the web promotion that helps in generating more and more traffic to your website. Increasing web traffic means attracting more and more visitors to the site. Again to generate web traffic, submission of the site to a major search engine is important. However, content development and search engine optimization are the key factors for a better promotion. The articles directory on website promotion consists of a number of articles on different topics and techniques for better website promotion.

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Website promotion is the key in e-commerce. The first thing that one needs to do for a website promotion is the listing of sites on major search engine directories. Again only listing is not the only factor as for a good ranking a website has to be search engine optimized. SEO decides the ranking of your website on any search engine. In general search engine ranks your website on the basis of bank-links. Bank-links or inbound links shows the popularity of a particular site. It is also important to use specific keyword for search listing. Again the whole content of the site should be keyword and topic oriented which can attract visitors on a large scale. One can also use the method for pay-per-click search engine to generate keyword-oriented traffic. Also putting the site URL on all kinds of printed material or in all business press releases. Here articles directory helps in understanding different aspects of website promotion.

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