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Web design covers different aspects of web medium like web page design, web site design and web application design using software like HTML, CSS and various other web tools. Again web pages are a collection of information on any particular topics describing company?s objectives and providing information for the user. There are several aspects like search engine optimization, increasing visibility, informative content that one should consider for an effective web design.

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Web design is the art of creating web pages by using different software tools and later promotes it on the Internet. Designing web pages consists of images and text documents depending on the topics for which website is developed. While designing any site one has to look on to the visitors point of view and therefore the page structure has to be attractive with eye-catching images and also informative and readable content. Besides, the design and content should fulfill the search engine optimization program, as search engines are the mediums by which visitors visit sites. There are several things like use of HTML, proper navigation and finally a keyword consistent content that can help in increasing the web page ranking. Here in our articles directory, you will find articles discussing various technical aspects of web designing.

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