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While using Internet and e-commerce in your business it is essential to consider all the legal issues and various laws enacted by different governments. As far as e-commerce is concerned companies doing business through web needs to fulfill all the legal procedure in a systematic way. Any failure in ethical standard of the company can affect the objective and ideology of the company in long run. Hence, every company has their code of conduct for making a consumer friendly environment.

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In the world of E-commerce, there are numerous companies conducting their business on websites and therefore it becomes necessary to keep in mind all the legal and ethical issues. Privacy, intellectual property protection right, censorship over free speech and consumer and merchant protection are some of the major aspects to consider in every business organization. But legal issues are not common in all over the world. For example most of the European companies don?t share customer?s private information and give individual right the best priority. But in Asia, more emphasizes are given to the benefits of consumer information than the rights of individual. Here in the articles directory of legal information, you will come across several articles based on different aspects of legal information including online privacy.

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