E-commerce is the medium by which all kinds of business from book selling to paying bills are done through online or Internet. This transferred business into an electronic medium where all transactions are done through Internet thereby making business faster and simpler. Generally it includes fields like consulting, customer relation management, Internet marketing, web design, web promotion and many more that are required in running a business. So if you want any information about doing business on the Internet, you can go through our articles directory.

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In information technology ?E-commerce? can be seen as an electronic application aim for electronic transaction. E-Commerce deals with all kinds of business objectives like distributing, buying, selling, marketing of products and services through the electronic communication technology. This includes Internet, extranet, e-mail, mobile phone and all others linked with computer networks. Our e-commerce guide offers many resourceful articles on various related topics like web designing, web promotion, e-marketing, hardware and software reviews. Also one can get all the technical and organizational aspects of commerce. So this acts as a guide for finding any kind of information from sales, promotions, advertising or news and media, legal information, news and media and many others related aspects of business through Internet.

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