?Sales? or the act of selling is a systematic process of exchanging of good and service for a particular amount. In business it?s an important element of the whole process and no business can survive without perfect selling practice. So it becomes important to know the art of selling that helps in motivating customers to buy your product. However, the process totally depends on the marketing methods depending on the needs and financial capacity of consumer.

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Selling is the heart of business that involves in convincing customers to buy by explaining the features and benefits of the product keeping in mind their interest in that particular product. While marketing is the process of promoting product, selling is the practical implementation of those marketing concepts. This act requires special qualities that help in effective communication between the seller and buyer by providing all necessary information about the product. The numerous articles aim at discussing various sales and marketing related issues and also provide some strategic points for sales. These will really help you in keeping your sales soaring by understanding customer?s needs.

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