Marketing is an activity dealing with research, develop, promotion and distribution of a product or service. It is an ongoing process or a set of method of advertising for making people purchasing something. A perfect marketing strategy based on the method of understanding one?s needs, capacity and psychology with an aim for selling or exchanging products. The growth of any kind of organization or institution depends on its marketing strategies and hence one should understand all marketing aspects in establishing and promoting business.

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The concept of marketing is as old as humanity that evolves with the growing needs of human being. Today its one of the key point in the success of any organization. Marketing is associated with many of the branches of creative arts and social science whether economics, sociology, psychology or advertising. It?s a part of mass communication that is in communicating a mass of people while promoting something. In business marketing is required both before and after the production of any object or service. Its necessary to first understand customer?s needs and then produce something and later focus on advertising for it?s selling. In this way a successful business depends on its marketing process. We are here to provide some of the best articles that deal with different marketing strategies.

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