Business can be defined as the occupation, profession or practice of trade. In general it?s the act of buying or selling something in an intention for making profit. In capitalist economy business refers to the process of earning profit and increasing wealth of an individual or a group. Apart from the conventional definitions business can be classified in many ways as of its different types. It includes manufacturing, service providing, retailing, distributing, financial business, transportation and many other but with a common process to produce and sale.

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Business refers to the state of being busy. In general business is the act of making profit by producing and selling something whether any product or service. Again the whole process from production to sell involve various other organizational activities like finance, human resource, marketing, sales, production, research and development, information and technology, communication and various other sections depending on the type of business. There are many types of business as manufacturing or producing any product, providing any service, distributing or selling, financial business, real estate business, information business, agriculture or mining and many others. Here you will find numerous articles based on the above-mentioned branches and also on various business opportunities.

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