Teenage age is the transitional phase of childhood and adulthood. Transitions are in terms of biological, social and psychological changes. Teenage years are one of the most difficult periods of human life. Although this is the time when one enjoys the most with friends and does several things that usually adults don?t but this phase which causes a large amount of stress. Here are several articles that discuss various problems related to teenage life and provide proper advice to youth and also to parents.

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Teenager or teen is someone who is thirteen to nineteen years of age. It can also be defined as the period when one attains adolescent that means the transitional phase of human development. Adolescence is a modern social, cultural and psychological phenomenon with changes such as biological, social and psychological. These changes help in developing expectations, anxiety, self-esteem, and academic responsibility thereby increasing stress level. We are here providing several articles that deal with all kinds of teenage related issues like relationship, parents, sexuality, stress, depression and various common problems. Here you will find articles on health and behavior, drug and alcohol, activities, events, funs, family values and academics.

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