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PHP Frameworks

Zephyr is an MVC (model-view-controller) framework and supports complete separation of business logic layer from presentation layer.

PHP Frameworks


  1. Zephyr
    Zephyr is an MVC (model-view-controller) framework and supports complete separation of business logic layer from presentation layer.
  2. XAJAX Library
    xajax is an open source PHP class library that allows you to easily create powerful, web-based, Ajax applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.
  3. Tigermouse PHP/AJAX Framework
    Tigermouse is object oriented, LGPL licensed PHP/AJAX framework for development of highly interactive web applications in MVC architecture.
  4. Symfony
    Symfony is a php enterprise framework, with commonly known design patterns.
  5. SMF
    Simple Machines Forum ?? SMF in short ?? is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes.
  6. SimpleJax
    SimpleJax is a lightweight (2.3KB!) combination of JavaScript and PHP that allows you to create highly flexible.
  7. Sajax
    Sajax is an open source tool to make programming websites using the Ajax framework G??? also known as XMLHTTPRequest or remote scripting G??? as easy as possible.
  8. SAJA
    Saja is an open-source AJAX scripting engine for PHP with secure function calls. It is designed for fast creation of simple, intuitive, and updatable AJAX applications, without the need to write any JavaScript.
  9. QuTags - PHP Style AJAX
    PHP & C Module that is AJAX for PHP, with no JAX. You don't even have to know what AJAX or JavaScript is about.
  10. ProtoJax
    ProtoJax is an object oriented AJAX framework with PHP backend for development of web2.0 webpages or web applications.
  11. Prado
    PRADOTM is a component-based and event-driven programming framework for developing Web applications in PHP 5.
  12. PHPOpenbiz
    The goal of PHPOpenbiz is to encourage developers to use XML metadata to describe objects in their applications instead of coding the objects.
  13. My-BIC
    This is a basic state of mind system rather than a framework Allows you to focus on making things happen rather than setting things up Support for XML.
  14. mp3act web mp3 ajax jukebox
    mp3act Digital Music Server is a PHP and MySQL driven mp3 web-based jukebox for playing music locally or streaming music to anywhere in the world.
  15. JPSPAN
    JPSPAN provides tools to "hook up" PHP and Javascript, for the purpose of fetching data from PHP into a web page which has already loaded, without reloading the entire page.
  16. HTS Web Application Framework
    The HTS Web Application Framework is a PHP and Javascript based framework designed to make simple web applications easy to design and implement.
  17. Feather Ajax 1.1
    Are you wanting to jump on the ajax bandwagon, but you don't want to sacrifice your load time? I've created an easy-to-use ajax library that is less than 1KB.
  18. Echo2 Web Framework
    Echo2 is the next-generation of the Echo Web Framework, a platform for developing web-based applications that approach the capabilities of rich clients.
  19. DutchPIPE
    PHP object-oriented framework to turn sites into real-time, multi-user virtual environments
  20. Claw
    Most of PHP frameworks lack a solution for tree-structure web sites. In many real world applications the usual "module/action/variables" approach is simply not enough.
  21. CAPXOUS AutoComplete
    CAPXOUS AutoComplete is an AJAX suggestion component. You may have already tasted this impressive feature on web sites like Google GMail or in business applications like SAP.
  22. CAPXOUS.AutoComplete
    CAPXOUS.AutoComplete is G???? A handy AJAX auto complete component.
  23. CakePHP
    Cake is a rapid development framework for PHP which uses commonly known design patterns like ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller and MVC.
  24. Cajax
    A PHP object-oriented framework to create and handle server-side requisitions though javascript remote calls.
  25. aSSL Secure Connection
    aSSL is a library distributed under MIT License thats implements a technology similar to SSL without HTTPS.
  26. ajChat
    Ajchat is a simple online chat system which uses AJAX. Ajchat also allows sharing or embedding of chatrooms into websites
  27. AJAX Spell
    Use AJAX spell checker to check the spelling of tex areas, like gmail message composer, using PHP, Javascript, and pspell / aspell.
  28. AJAX IM
    ajax im ("asynchronous javascript and xml instant messenger") is a browser-based instant messaging client. It uses the XMLHTTPRequest object in JavaScript to send and receive commands to and from the server.
  29. AjaxCore
    AjaxCore is a multi-purpose PHP framework that ease the development of rich AJAX ( Asynchronous JavaScript And XML ) applications, by generating the appropriate JavaScript code.
  30. AJASON
    PHP 5 library and JavaScript client for AJAX. Fetch data asynchronously and develop interactive GUI-like Web applications.


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